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DC Security provides professional security services for all types of client sites. Currently, our clients include:

Shopping Centres

Our officers have the experience to effectively handle all unwanted situations that could occur in retail environments. From client customer relations to resolving conflicts, our officers work to ensure your patrons feel secure. Our goal is to create a safe and pleasant shopping experience for all, while deterring offenders from committing cost offences.


Residential buildings are unfortunately the target for many unwanted activities such as loitering, the selling of illegal substances, vandalism and trespassers. We have a specially-trained team of officers who will photograph, issue written warnings, make legal arrests and use the means necessary within the law to prevent and stop all violators.


Hotels require security personnel who are patient, direct, results oriented and are able to deal with stressful environments in an effective manner. We guarantee a problem free environment and will ensure that your guests abide by the rules and guidelines set by the hotel without offending them.

Trucking Yards

Many trucking yards do not have the adequate surveillance onsite to ensure that their merchandise is sufficiently monitored and protected. Criminals who steal from these locations know exactly what they are doing. They are able to break into the trailers with ease and, at times, do so undetected. DC Security will evaluate your current security efforts and provide solutions to ensure your property is safe.

We also provide services for construction sites, convention centers, educational facilities and special events.