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DC Security is focused on fulfilling all aspects of your security needs and will guarantee the protection of your property and people.

DC Security is committed to offering effective and professional protection to clients like you. In addition, we work to provide you with security officers that are fashion-forward for today’s society. Our reality-based solutions work to provide the utmost in coverage and service; we leave no room for intruders or law breakers to benefit.

DC Security officers are experts in the field of Security Enforcement. They take their assign- ments seriously and believe that the job is not complete until the client is fully secure and satisfied. Our guards work for you and are not afraid to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Sourcing a security company that can provide competitive rates and quality service is hard. The majority of security companies today offer rates that are outrageous and don’t always match that of the service they are providing. DC Security believes in offering competitive rates to clients like you. In doing so, we guarantee that we will not compromise the high quality of service that you deserve.